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Art History


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Since August of 2014, the artists at Smith Center High School have looked at a wide variety of pieces created by numerous artists of the past. You can see images of these pieces by clicking on the link below:


When examining these pieces, we talked about them in several different ways, making connections to social history, political history, economic history, intellectual history, art history, science, and art-making. We talked about the artists' focus on realism or abstraction, on their use of linear perspective or chiaroscuro to create depth or drama, on their choices of subject and composition, on the way they placed the paints on their canvases, on their attempts to tell stories or to communicate certain ideas or emotions. We also talked about the categories - the art historical periods and the art movements - into which art historians place artists and artworks as they try to make sense of the past. So far, with a few exceptions, our focus has been on European and American art from the Renaissance (c.1400) to the present and on European and American architecture from ancient Greece and Rome to the 1930s. In the coming years, we will cover even more.